Friday, April 11, 2014

Malabrigo Cruise- Ship #1, first impressions

The Allure of the Seas is a big big boat...

I took these pics all before we were allowed in our stateroom, so these are just first impression shots. It's barely a portion of the entire ship.

 The Promenade, when we first enter the ship. It's lined with shops and eateries (some free, some not) and bars (there are no free bars on a cruise ship). And yes, that's a Starbucks kiosk.

Boardwalk is on Level 6- it's lined with lots of fun kid things...

Like the carousel.

Looking up from Boardwalk.

One of the rock climbing walls.

The other rock climbing wall.

The exhibition diving arena. We wanted to see the exhibition diving, but every night, we just conked out in our room. I hear it was wonderful.

Selfie on deck, with Ft. Lauderdale and another cruise ship (in port, there were always other cruise ships) in the distance. The weather was cool and comfortable. And breezy.

Wire formed evening gowns, hanging from the ceiling near one bank of glass-front elevators. Who knows why, but they were pretty.

One of the children's pool areas. By afternoon, every deck chair was full, and jealously guarded.

My view as I sat and knitted on deck before we sailed.

The view down on Boardwalk from an upper deck. All of those things are interior balcony rooms.

More to come later (or tomorrow, since I have my knitting group this afternoon).

Oh first- just how big is The Allure of the Seas? Here are some stats:

These schematics are only about half of the decks. The rest took up another entire page.

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