Sunday, April 13, 2014

Malabrigo Cruise- Central Park and At Sea Teaching Day

On Level 8, The Allure of the Seas has central, open-air boulevard called Central Park. It's lined with restaurants and upscale shops. There are real trees, benches for sitting, and bird song (piped in). Also bars, but there are bars in every public area of the ship. It's really quite beautiful.

 There are signs and maps at either end.

 Honest, this is on a ship... sailing on the ocean...

 Like all open areas, the upper floors have over-looking balcony rooms.

Real ivy.

 I liked to wander early in the morning. The light was so lovely.

I didn't reach out and touch them, but I'm pretty sure these birdies are blown glass.

 Amazing, no?

Amazing, yes.

 Tuesday was an at-sea day, sailing from Nassau to St. Thomas, which means it was a teaching day. I  had morning and afternoon classes, but I forgot to take any pictures. Zip. Zilch. Nada. So I stole a few pictures taken by Lisa Mackey, of Friends and Fiberworks, the amazing organizer of our cruise. Above is almost everyone on the cruise. I'm standing behind Deeann. Next to her is Tobias, of Malabrigo yarns. He was gracious and funny and a wonderful cruise co-sponsor. I had met many of the fellow cruisers before, either on the previous cruise, or at SAFF. It was like a reunion of old friends, with the bonus of meeting some great new ones.

 Our only quibble on the entire cruise was that the conference rooms where we held our classes had no windows. Then again, the ocean is a powerful distraction. We probably got more work done looking at paneling.

Lunch in the Adagio dining room. Pure luxury. I believe we had lobster bisque.

Deeann and me, getting ready for our Fair Isle design class.

Even the work was fun!

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