Friday, October 19, 2007

Freebie Friday- Stranded Pumpkin Mitts

Just in time for Halloween. Knit the slightly larger version to wear over gloves, or the smaller one to wear alone.
There are 3 pages for this pattern. Click each to enlarge, right click to save as a jpg.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! These are fabulous for this time of year.

Kathleen Taylor said...

You're very welcome. I really enjoyed knitting these up.


Love it! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Help, I love these but I'm having trouble with the gusset directions. Is there a marker missing? And do you increase at the beginning in one color, k1 and increase with the alternate color again?

Kathleen Taylor said...

Ilene, The thumb gusset stitches are alternate colors on 2-color rounds.

On the left mitten, the thumb gusset begins at the start of the round, and a marker placed after the gusset stitches, with the other marker placed between the pattern repeats (at half of the stitches).

For the right mitten, the thumb gusset begins after the marker that divides the pattern repeats, and another one is placed after the gusset stitches.

Does that help? I'll be gone several days, but I can answer questions after I get home again.

Melanie said...

I love these mitts. If you have Word 10 you have the option to put these in to a PDF as one document. JPGs are not a good way to offer patterns.

M Jackson