Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Various Finished Things, and a Couple of Beginnings

It's been a wrap-em-up sort of week:
My page proofs are back with my editor (and we're going over the changes on a daily basis).

I finished listening to The Moonstone, via Librivox podcasts. I had only read the book once, and loved it in print, and I loved it as an audio accompaniment to my treadmill work. There were days when I was sorry to finish my miles (I have a strict exercise-only policy when it comes to these audio books. It makes getting sweaty a little more tolerable). All of the readers were marvelous, but one, and the story holds up extremely well. I know this book hasn't sunk into obscurity, but I'm not sure it gets as much reverence as it deserves. It's smart, funny, a cracking good mystery, and surprisingly modern in tone (the prologue drags, a bit but it picks up instantly, once you get to Gabriel's narrative). In fact, in honor of Gabriel Betteridge, I may even listen to Robinson Crusoe.

I finished reading Stephen King's Just After Sunset, and enjoyed all of the short stories except for the last one. I have outgrown poop as entertainment (the same reason I finally gave up on South Park), and did something that I never do- skipped to the end to see if the hero got out of the porta-potty. Otherwise, it's a very good book.

I finished spinning 9.2 ozs of mystery wool/silk noil. I thought there was a full pound, but I was off by about half. I ended up with 336 yards if soft and squooshy, worsted weight, 2-ply yarn. Plenty enough for a pair of heavy socks, or a hat and mittens, or as stripes in a sweater. I'm not sure what this yarn wants to be yet, so I'll let it percolate for a bit.

And I finished the Lion Brand socks (not Loin Brand, as my fingers invariably type). These wildly striping socks (plain vanilla pattern- 56 sts, short row heel) will be a Christmas present. The stripes matched up almost perfectly in the pair, which is a sort of minor miracle, given that I had to change balls in the middle of the second sock, and the other ball was wound backwards. It took awhile to find the proper place in the repeat, in order to continue on.

I'm not sure what will be up on the wheel yet. I like knitting with worsted weight yarn, but I don't particularly enjoy spinning it (something I forget in between times). My Ashford Joy complains (and makes my legs ache) when I have to treadle heavy bobbins. I like a strong draw, and in order to get that with heavier singles, the poor spring is stretched out almost to the max. Whatever I spin next, I'm sure it'll be a finer yarn. And I'm sure I'll find something to spin, in my mess of a Wool Room. This is bunch doesn't even include all of the hand-dyed rovings that I have on hand. Think I should organize a bit?

I cast on another pair of Christmas Gift socks- this time from some girly pastels in a very simple little nubbly eyelet pattern. The future recipient likes pink, and I thought about hitting etsy or eBay for pink sock yarns, and then decided to check the stash first. Lo and behold, there was a 100gr ball of Sox 4 Color Twister. I have no idea where it came from, or how long I've had it, but I'm glad it waited around for me to find the right project.

And I started another book podcast. I thought I was going to listen to My Man Jeeves. Not a lot of P.G. Wodehouse is available on Librivox yet (not Uncle Fred in the Springtime, which I think is the funniest book I've ever read)(it's set in the Blandings universe, which does not cross over into Bertie Wooster's world, except for a couple of minor characters). But a friend mentioned E.F. Benson, and that set me off in search of Mapp and Lucia. I was thrilled to find Miss Mapp and Queen Lucia both available. So I am currently, happily ensconced in the village of Tilling and the War of the Chintz Roses. Miss Mapp has had several readers so far, but all of them have been very good (though none with British accents, which is a little disappointing). I love these books, and hope all of them will be available soon.

And on a weather note- we're having nasty weather (25 degrees this morning, a little new snow over very slick roads), but so far, we've been spared any flooding danger. Both north and south of us are having a much harder time of it.

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joannamauselina said...

The Moonstone is maybe my favorite book ever, and I love Blandings and Bertie. I haven't heard of Miss Mapp, but plan to give her a go. As a reader of such things, perhaps you can recognise my avatar? A literary character whom I try to emulate.