Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Most of my knitting these days is for the new book, but I can't do Fair Isle in the car, and we're driving 160 miles (round trip) tonight to watch Frog Girl's school program. Luckily, I have a couple of easy projects I can take along for the drive (while the daylight lasts, anyway- I don't always look at my knitting, but I'm not an in-the-dark knitter either).

Remember these? This yarn was originally a Knit Picks Sock Blank that was dyed when I was doing my SAFF class samples. They were originally intended for Ladybug Girl for this Christmas, but life (and book contracts, and travel) got in the way, and they won't be done in time (or rather, while these may be done, I won't finish the other 2 pairs that would need to be ready also. Either they all get socks, or no one gets socks. It's easier that way. Trust me). At any rate, they'll keep, and if LBG's feet grow too much in the interim, then they'll fit Voracious Reader next year (neither girl knows about them, so no one will be disappointed).

And these pitiful socks? Not that the socks themselves are pitiful. They are, in fact, quite pretty, what with the Koigu and the baby cables and all. What is pitiful is that they've been on the needles since July. July I tell you. They've gone with me on every trip this year (by car and plane- which is a lot of traveling), and they still aren't finished. I don't know what the problem is with them- the cables are easy, the pattern is easy as well, the no-cable-needle thing works just fine. They just plod along, racking up the frequent flier miles and still not getting done. Maybe I'll do a row or two before it gets too dark tonight.

In the meantime, I've been listening to this Ray Conniff Christmas album. It was another one of my mother's favorites, and I love it.

And I might sneak a piece of this stuff...

(that's peanut butter fudge, Fannie farmer Fudge, and my all-time favorite, White Chocolate Heath Bar Fudge)


Nautical Knitter said...

Oh my I would love to have the fudge recipes, if you are willing to share...yum!

Anonymous said...

That was mischieveous....showing fudgy goodness to those of us who sit a lot to knit. Oh boy, those look yummmmmy.

Karen said...

I've had socks like that last pair -- perfectly nice, pretty even, but they keep getting short shrift from me until I finally can't stand to see them sitting there looking all pitiful, so I go nuts for a day or two and just damn well finish them already.