Monday, December 21, 2009

Secret Gardens, Linkie, and Yuma Yarn?

I only listen to audio books while I exercise, and I don't exercise on Sundays (unless I miss a weekday and need a makeup session), but I only had one chapter left of The Secret Garden, so I actually got on the treamill yesterday in order to finish the book. That's how much I have loved listening to this story. I had not read it since about the 4th grade, and I've never seen any of the movie adaptations (though I do have a paper doll set with Mary Lennox, Colin, and Dickon), so though I remembered the main points, and the evolution of the story, it was still fairly new to me. It holds up marvelously, and my only complaint is that Burnett got a bit heavy handed with the Power of Positive Thinking stuff toward the end. Not that I don't agree with her, but she nailed that particular point several times more than necessary. Small quibble for a wonderful book.

Next up? Robinson Crusoe, in part because I've never read it, and in part because I am very curious to read/hear the book that Gabriel Betteredge loved so dearly, and used as a sort of oracle, in The Moonstone.

In the meantime, for your amusement, I present: Oddly Specific Signs , a weird and wonderful site that celebrates exactly that.

Warning: do not drink and read at the same time without keyboard protection

And finally- I am going to go visit my father in Yuma, AZ in early February. I've never been to that part of the country before, and am really looking forward to the trip. Are there any yarn stores/fiber attractions in the area?


Geek Knitter said...

Best. Sign. Ever.

maxine said...

Had to go to the 450 mile wide map vies to see an LYS in relation to Yuma.,-114.624,12&tlist=KNITTING_SHOPS,

Karen said...

Wherever that sign is, I want to go there. Now.

Also, I was just talking to someone last week who'd spent five years in AZ, and was pretty sure there was a largish yarn community there. However, he was not a yarnie, so this information may be incorrect.

Jessica said...

I live in Yuma, AZ and there are no yarn stores in the area.