Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blatant Family Promotion

My niece Tiffany is an insanely talented crafter- she has a small business repurposing things as jewelry and houehold items, and everything she makes is wonderful.

Her shop is called Whimsical Details. She has an Etsy version, and a Facebook Page, and if you're in the Yakima, WA area, she goes to all of the craft shows.

I am proud to own several of her pieces, but I'm especially thrilled with the latest:
 This is a beautiful bracelet made from repurposed vintage silver flatware (actual silver plate), with a bead and a magnetic closure.
 And it's mine! All mine! I may have bought a few more as gifts, but this one is mine!
Her work is beautiful, her prices are reasonable, and she's way cooler than I am. Check her store out!

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