Wednesday, December 9, 2015

And she knits some more!

Once again, the pattern is Optical Delusion: Conflagration

These are the colors in regular daylight. Note how the blue nearly disappears.

I used larger needles than the pattern calls for, so I couldn't do the required 11 repeats of Chart #3. But it's plenty long enough, especially after blocking. The blues, which were quite visible in the skein, ended up being pale and very subtle in the finished scarf. This pattern is far too fiddly to let subtle colors blur the stitch detail, so.... I got out my blue sharpie and I traced over the lightest blue stitches.

Much better!

Also note: The pattern calls for wrapped turns, which will not leave those holes in the fabric. I did a different kind of turn (I just turned, and then slipped the first stitch), which resulted in the holes. I like them, and did not mind the effect.


Anonymous said...

I am loving the pictures and narrative of your knitting adventures! Hope you like the Fly yarn as much as I do. It washes and dries really well, too.

DebbieLB said...

Oh gosh... I fell in love with this scarf and purchased the pattern and yarn and here I sit, looking at the chart and I really don't know where to start. Help!! I want to write it out so I can follow it more easily, but I still don't know exactly how to start. Any advice would be very welcome!! Your scarves are absolutely beautiful and I'm anxious to get mine started!!!

Kathleen Taylor said...

What I did was look at the chart, and then write down how many stitches before the *turn* on each row. I also noted which rows went all the way to the end of the stitches, just to keep track. It took time, but made a huge difference for me with this pattern.

I hope that helps!