Monday, December 28, 2015

Sorta Wordless Birthday Socks

 This is the first new yarn  in maybe three years that I bought for myself for no other reason than I loved the color. A birthday present for me! Bookworm (note that the gray in my yarn is darker than shown in the website pic- I still love it) from Twisted Fiber Art, in the Playful yarn base (my favorite for socks- thick, soft, and cushy). I got the extra long skein, which has extra long repeats.

The sock pattern is my usual regular sock (2.75mm needles, 60 sts, short row heel, star toe). The Waffle pattern is so easy: *K 4 rnds, K2 P2 2rnds*, repeat.

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maxine said...

Lovely! I also recently bought some sock yarn (after a long hiatus)just for me and am knitting a low cuff pair this week! It's great fun and we definitely deserve it!! I am also embracing the notion of deviating from traditional toe shaping to do what fits my feet better...