Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Freebie for the Jan and Karen paper doll book!

Due to space limitations, I had to cut one page of outfits (which in this book's format, means 3 printed pages), and since the page is already drawn and colored and finished, I decided to post it here for purchasers of  Jan and Karen, A Paper Doll Coloring Book.

Important: These are just outfit pages. If you want the dolls, you need the book.

Here's the drill (and it is important to do it this way, or you'll be downloading thumbnails and I will be answering many questions as to why the image is so very small):

1. Click on the image to enlarge it
2. Right click on the image to save it to your computer
3. Open the image file in a graphics program (I usually use Paint)
4. Check Page Setup- make sure that the file is set to 100% of size (not expand to fill the page)
5. Make sure the image is set to Portrait
6. Print
7. Color, cut, enjoy!


bfmama said...

Thank you so much! I got my book this morning, and I love it! Pretty sure I had outfits very similar to a couple of those when I was a teen! :-)

Corissia said...

Wednesday Tab! Love it.