Thursday, March 26, 2009

AI- Top 10 Elimination

We open with a Smokey voice over, and Ryan prancing down the grand staircase again as he tells us that 36 million votes were logged last night. This news excites him. He also says that Ruben Studdard is in the house, and that Stevie Wonder will sing.

Randy has a screen printed t-shirt, Kara is in macramé, and Paula is wearing some sort of drapey metallic fabric along with a heavy pendant, and her cleavage. Simon explains that he was joking when he said that he stood Mr. Obama up. And then he said that he and Paula got a room last night. Another joke? They’ve been really touchy-feely-horseplay-flirty this year, and I saw a clip that looked like they were holding hands under the table last night. So, maybe. Or maybe not.

They recap last night’s performances, which I did already, so I’ll skip over that part. The group-sing is a medley of Motown hits, beginning with You Keep Me Hanging On, segueing to You’re All I need to Get By, and ending with Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. I don’t know if the sound is wonky or if the kids are lip synching, but there is something off about the visual here. They sound good together however. Lil is front and center for most of the medley, and she’s exponentially better than she was last night.

The Fordmercial production values are still cheesy, and the song, Pocketful of Sunshine, does not benefit from close proximity to Motown.

Ruben, ready to visit The Treasure House in his Captain Kangaroo jacket, sings a new song that consists mostly of ooohs and yeahs. I always liked Ruben (his A Whole New World remains my favorite AI performance of all time). This song is nice, but nothing special.

The kids are arranged in two rows, as usual. Ryan asks Adam, from the top row, to stand, and no one in the entire world is worried. Even if he isn’t safe, he’ll be safe via the Deus ex Machina vote. But, of course, he’s safe.

Matt, who has a strangely odd speaking voice, is up next, and we’re all surprised (none more than Matt himself) to find that he’s in The Bottom Three (which designation Ryan uses specifically, so there’s no doubt that he’s there just for the drama).

It’s obvious to me that Kris is safe, since he’s the next one standing, but it’s not obvious to Kris, who is totally faked out by Ryan’s delivery.

Lil and Michael stand up next, and it’s pretty certain that Lil does not worry until Ryan screws with her long enough to frighten (or, more likely, annoy) her. Lil needs to work on her poker face, and Michael joins Matt on the Silver Suction Cups of Doom.

Smokey and Joss Stone sing next. Joss is wearing a flowing and very long (as in it drags on the floor) prom dress. Her hair looks like she and her 8 year old BFF braided it during a sleepover. The song, called You’re The One For Me, is nondescript, with very little in the way of a recognizable melody.

Starting at the other end of the bottom row, Allison stands next, and since she’s the first one, we know she’s safe (which pleases me). She’s having problems with her cute red high heel shoes, and fiddles with them throughout the night.

Anoop, at the other end of the bottom row, is safe as well. (damn straight)

Danny is still a Sure thing, which leaves Scott and Megan. We all know who I want to join Matt and Michael, so of course, it’s Scott, who is led over by Ryan.

And just as quickly, he’s led right back. Matt looks like he’s going to be sick, and Michael looks as jolly as ever.

Stevie Wonder sings many of the songs that have been murdered by hapless contestants over the years. Paula knows all of the words, and the kids look gobsmacked to be 10 feet away from freakin’ Stevie Wonder, as he sings a mini concert. As well they should.

Then the lights are dimmed, and Michael gets the boot, which is okay. He’s going on the tour, and he’ll get a lot of exposure and experience and make some money, and maybe get a recording contract out of the deal. He has the good sense to worry about following Stevie, but as per usual with Bootees, he sounds better than he did the night before. I would certainly rather have gotten rid of Megan, but he wasn’t going to last much longer anyway (and she has no chance whatsoever of winning).

Simon and Randy pretend to consider using their one precious immunity vote, but it’s all for show. Michael, who seems like a genuinely nice guy who truly enjoyed the experience, is gracefully, and maybe happily, on his way home to his adorable wife and little girls. I wish him the best.


Viki said...

Knew Michael was going home. It'll probably be Megan next week.
I was totally amazed that I actually Loved Adam's song this week. I usually can't stand him.
Anoop goes on for another week.
There is something about him, I don't hate him, but...
Not a humble one there, he expects to be good and darn it he is.
Alison is my fav I think.

LizzieHelen said...

I was setting up a tape this morning for tonight's repeat of ANTM and saw Taylor Hicks on Regis & Kelly. He looks great (cutist dimple) and sang a song from his new album--very, very nice. Bluesy. [He is much, much taller than Regis(!).]

Anonymous said...

I love your blog but find all the yap about American Idol incredibly boring.