Monday, March 23, 2009

Spinning Wheel, Got to Go Round

I've been in spinning mode lately (except when I'm in fencing mode on my Facebook farm- fences are now available, and while they don't do anything but look pretty, they sure do look pretty, and it's important for me to protect my pixillated chickens with animated fences purchased with pretend money earned by growing computer generated crops. Amazing how much time that takes...). Anyway, though I have a pair of socks (the Lion Brand self-patterning)(side note: I almost always type Loin Brand...) nearly finished- just the toe left on one sock, I've been drawn to the wheel.

Last night as I watched Kings (I would watch Ian McShane in anything. And I would probably happily allow him to be my King), I 3-plied the last of the Finn roving from Girl on the Rocks. My friend Lorah calls this Happy Yarn, and it is- lovely sherbet colors, in a fingering weight 3-ply (with some bloopies in the plying). At 4 ozs and 269 yds, it's just enough for a pair of socks. It should knit up in yellow/green/pink/orange stripes. During a commercial, I rooted around in the Wool Room (I should take a picture of that sometime- maybe it would shame me into organizing it) for the next project, and a bag of mystery wool and silk noil called my name.

So that's what I'm spinning now. I think I got this from Kelly Knispel at the South Dakota Natural Colored Wool Studio (link in Stash Enhancers)- it's shades of pink, purple, blue, and just a bit of green, with pink silk noil throughout. I must have recarded it, because it's in nice little bumps, and since the noils make a smooth yarn impossible, I'm letting it be a bit lumpy and bumpy. I'm also spinning it heavier than my usual fine-tight-hard single. This is 1.9 ozs and 74 yards of soft worsted weight yarn. It spins up very quickly, I'm half-done with the 2nd bobbin for the next skein. I have nearly a pound of this wool, and have no idea what to make with the yarn. It'll tell me what it wants to be eventually.

I was going to the dentist this morning (needles and fillings and assorted ooky stuff), but the Dr. is sick, so I have another 10 days to stew. I'm a big baby when it comes to needles, but I would rather have gotten it over with today. Oh well, now I can eat my lunch without drooling (or at least without drooling more than usual).


mrae said...

Yummy yarn Kathleen!!!!
I have to go to the dentist on the 31st of this month.

Kathryn said...

About a month ago, I was again amazed by how many interests and dislikes we have in common. But I thought you would think I was a stalker.
But when you wrote about your opinions about dental work, I could wait no longer. This is getting spooky.
Congrats on your temporary reprieve.

Stacy said...

I watched Kings last night too and I can't quite figure out if I love it or not. Interesting show!

Love that sherbet colored yarn.

karrie said...

Yay! The finn looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see if it turns out to be socks!