Thursday, March 5, 2009

AI- Wild Card Round

Ryan, artfully rumpled, drones on about the momentous occasion we’re about to witness, but all I notice is that Matt is wearing a stupid hat, and that sparkly Tatiana has adopted an aggressive, wide-legged stance. She is in it to win it.

Randy has epaulets, Kara’s wearing Prom Hair, Paula’s displaying cleavage bordered by pink leopard, and Simon is wearing a very pretty silver-gray ribbed sweater

First performer is Jesse, looking more like Lauren Ambrose than ever. She’s wearing brown boots, and a slinky little black dress that appears to be made of shiny suede, topped by a sparkly beige shrug. This outfit should not work, but it does- she looks fantastic. So good that I didn't write down her song choice. Her singing? Not so fantastic.

I hate Matt’s embossed leather Sinatra hat, but not as much as I hate the huge fringed pocket hankie that he has wound (multiple times) around his neck. He’s singing a Jackson Five song that I don’t recognize, and he sounds exponentially better than the last time we heard him. Simon trots out the second harshest insult in his repertoire- that Matt reminds him of Taylor.

Ooh- lookie- a stage hand.

Megan “Disappearing/Reappearing/Disappearing Joy” Corkrey has straightened hair, and is wearing a tunic over leggings. She’s doing her signature planted-foot-hip-swivel thing as she sings Black Horse And Cherry Tree, a song that is not as good at showing off her singing voice as it is for proving that Megan can talk quickly in rhythm. I don’t think it’s good enough, and I think Paula agrees because her critique centers on Megan’s appearance and doesn’t mention the song at all.

Von is in prison stripes and a black jacket. He starts weakly on Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word, and then improves a bit. It’s obvious that he let the judges spook him- he’s overthinking and second-guessing his entire performance, and the result is paralysis. I don’t like him, but I do feel a little sorry for him.

Ricky is about to learn that it’s not a good idea to dip into The Stevie when the judges harp interminably on being contemporary and current.

OMG you guyz, I just realized that Tatiana is Paula’s soulmate. She is singing Saving All My Love For You. Again. Some More. She sparkles, and her dress is way too short. It pains me greatly to say so, but I really like her voice. A lot. More than I dislike everything else about her. And there is so very much to dislike about Tatiana.

I want to knit Anoop’s green striped tie. I have thought all along that one of tonight’s slots was his to lose. Unfortunately, with a dismal performance of My Prerogative, I think he just lost it.

I will never believe that those four made this decision during that commercial break, but the show is going with that myth, and who am I to argue?.

Time is short, so they’re plunging right in:
Jasmine is in. Allison is delighted.
Ricky is out.
Megan and Tatiana stand together, and one of them is moving on- so it’s between hysteria and hip swivels. I am pretty certain that Tatiana is going to join the Top 12. I am wrong, and Tatiana shatters.

The show is running over time, and we’re missing The Office cold open. Dammit.

Jesse is up by herself, so for sure she’s gone.

So is Von.

That just leaves Matt and Anoop, and I think that Anoop will get the nod.

News flash: I am not psychic.

Anoop takes the news fairly well. And then Simon drops an actual bombshell- they’re going with a Top 13, and Anoop is back in.

So the three Wild Card choices are: Jasmine, Megan, Matt, and Anoop. How the hell is that going to work?

Next week, Kelly and Kanye will be in the house, and the real competition begins.


Kathy said...

The stage hand seems to have been the only unscripted portion of the show. Best remark: that Tatiana has a future as an actress. Funny, because I kept thinking of those popular Mexican soaps that I see on the television at our favorite Mexican restaurant every time she spoke. My biggest nightmare: that there will be a surprise at the beginning of a show about half way through the competition and out will come Tatiana!

LizzieHelen said...

I just checked the "Evie" remark. It seems that the Student Body President, Eve Carson, was shot to death early Wednesday.

Did you get the impression that Anoop wasn't all that thrilled to be moving on? It looked like he wanted to go back to school and was relieved to have been eliminated. Of course, he could have said he wasn't available when called back, I guess.

Tatiana was the best girl singer, but was, perhaps, too much of a potential liability--emotional outbursts, talking back to and over the judges, ignoring direction. I'll miss her.

Jesse looked great--the shrug was too cute--but was off pitch from the first note. Neither Jasmine or Megan were outstanding, but were better than before. Felicia should have been brought back. Von was too serious (I still think he's shrieky). Matt's performance was sooo much better this time. I loved Anoop's performance. Ricky was good, too, but I think they still were trying to balance boy-girl somewhat. All four boys were better, IMHO, than the three girls excluding Tati.

Possible double elimination coming up?