Wednesday, March 4, 2009

AI- Top 36- Group 3 Elimination

Ryan’s in a shirt and tie tonight. Alex and Felicia look like they’re going to throw up. Paula is draped in a one-shouldered purple ruffle. Kara is leathered up and sleek.

We see a montage of Group 3 auditions, and to my horror, I learn that a headband is not Nathaniel’s worst hair choice.

The Group Sing is Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold (and in the interest of full disclosure, if Ryan had said the song was Blue and Purple by Pink, I would have dutifully reported it, because I’m old and I never listen to the radio, and all I know about Katy Perry is that she kissed a girl). Lil’s hair looks like a lethal weapon, and she’s wearing a short dress with giant gingham squares, over leggings. Kendall is in green satin ruffles and Tammy Wynette hair. Taylor V. is wearing a gray bubble top (what is with all the bubble hems this year? Listen people- those things are not flattering. On anyone). I assume they choreographed literal musical chairs to accommodate Scott.

The Special Idol Moment Previously Unaired Audition is amusing. I wish more contestants would sing TV Theme Songs.

Ryan singles out Nathaniel (who is headbandless), Jorge (who repeats everything he said last night), Felicia (who knows she is doomed), and Ju’Not (previously undiagnosed with Asthma). Was there a reason for talking to that particular group?

Ryan tells Lil to stand, and in the least surprising revelation of the season, immediately moves her to The Silver Suction Cups. I will enjoy watching Lil until she wins the whole thing, but truly, she doesn’t need the oven of AI- she’s ready to go.

Ryan instructs Arianna, Taylor, Alex, Kendall, and Scott to stand. He says only one of them will move on to the Top 12, so once again, we know that it’s not going to be a girl, because that would signal the elimination of all the remaining females. This show is far too fond of its manufactured drama to do that. I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict that Scott is going to get the nod over Alex. Arianna looks like she’s facing an executioner as Ryan dismisses her. Taylor is resigned but determinedly cheerful when Ryan gives her the same news. Alex still looks like he’s going to throw up. I wish him well- he’s a smart and funny kid.

So now, it’s between Scott and Kendall. Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait. And, yep. It’s Scott. Told ya so.

Nathaniel and Kristin are up next. Last night, I thought Kristin had a chance of moving on, but it’s too early in the show for the final slot to be filled, so I know both are going home.

Next up are Von and Felicia (who had no chance whatsoever of making it through). Ryan tells them that it’s no... for now. Hmmmmmm….

So, we’re down to Jorge and Ju’Not. Both have nice enough voices, and neither one excites me. I’d just flip a coin, but Jorge got the votes. This news surprises the English right out of him.

The remainder of the show is devoted to announcing the 8 Wild Card contestants, chosen by the judges from the Top 36 rejectees. They’ll perform tomorrow night, and the judges will select 3 to move into the Top 12, without interference from the fickle voting public. Since this is American Idol, the announcement is drawn out as long as possible, milking what little drama there is to be had from the naming of names.

Randy’s first choice is Von, and I groan. Kara chooses Jasmine Murray (of course). Paula selects Ricky Braddy, whose existence I had forgotten entirely. Simon chooses Megan Corkrey. Back to Randy, who selects….. are you ready for it….. Tatiana, who is wearing a deeply unflattering, long, tight, knit dress that is a smorgasbord of diagonal stripes. Tatiana gives us a preview of tomorrow, and possibly the next few weeks, by falling apart. (Side Note: did I not tell you? Huh? Huh?). Kara chooses Matt Giraud. In the first surprise of the evening, Paula announces Jesse Langseth. And to the surprise of no one in the world, except possibly the young man himself, Simon calls down Anoop.

As Jorge ends the show with his singout, I notice that of the 9 voted finalists, only 3 are girls. This show loves a Gender Balance (they learned a hard lesson from Season 3), so I expect 2 of tomorrow night’s choices to be girls. In fact, I’ll make my Wild Card prediction right now: Anoop, Tatiana, and Jasmine.


knitster said...

I sure hope tata drama queen does not make it any further than tonight. Her hysterionics make me want to smack the TV. I do enjoy your take on the contestants. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't.

LizzieHelen said...

Is the public going to vote? Or are the judges making the final choices? I just fast-forwarded through my tape and may have missed it. But seriously--Von? like Clay? Never, ever... Clay never screeched and had/has loads more charm and personality.

Kathleen Taylor said...

knitster- I wouldn't bet too much on Tatiana going home tonight. This show loves The Drama, and she brings it.

LizzieHelen- the judges are making this decision on their own, with no input from us. And I agree with you on Von- he's nothing like Clay (and when Simon compares anyone to Clay, I think he means "vaguely gay". From Simon, that's not a compliment).