Monday, March 2, 2009

Blatant Son Promotion

My oldest son Curtis, in addition to being married to the wonderful Genevieve (of Genevieve's Graduation sweater), and father to a couple of genius children, is a kindergarten teacher, an award-winning home brewer (we do wines, he does beer), and an artist.

He works in various media: block printing, lithographs, embossing (I'm sure there's a proper Art Word for that process), and digital prints. His art work has been accepted and shown (and sold!) at several Stillwell Exhibitions at USD, where he's getting his Masters degree in art.

And, he has opened an etsy shop. Of particular interest to the knitters out there, are his wonderful embossed knitting cards. He designed them specifically for me (neener neener), and is now producing them for sale (for the amazingly low price of 10 for $10, plus shipping). He also has a hammer and nail notecard design (his father is a contractor), and a cool embossed Thank You motif. He's also offerring some of his limited edition prints for sale. The schoolyard one was his Christmas present to me last year, and I love love love it. I also love the humor of the beer prints. (well, I'm a proud mama, I love them all).

I think etsy only allows single listings, so if the notecards (or other prints) sell before you get there, he'll relist as soon as he can. He'll be listing more prints as time goes on, so check back in periodically, to see what's new.

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