Monday, March 30, 2009


I finished spinning a bobbin full of the Batty roving, and then 3-plied it. It came out 1.5 ozs and 83 yds. I have another smaller bobbin spun, ready for plying, with a hank of roving left to spin. I don't think I'm going to have enough yarn for a pair of socks from this 4 ozs, but I can stripe it with some coordinating yarn. Or I can do toe-up anklets. Or I can knit a pair of gloves. ooooohhhhhh.... gloves.... That would be gorgeous. And it's been awhile since I knit a pair of gloves, which means that I have forgotten what a PITB they can be, and therefore might begin with enthusiasm.

I'm still listening to, and totally enjoying, the Librivox podcast of Miss Mapp. I'm up to Major Benjy's duel, and am still amazed at the brisk and bracing malice of Tilling. This book has a variety of readers, most of them really good, and none of them bad (though two chapters sounded as thought they were read from the bottom of a garbage can). I know that Queen Lucia has been recorded, and I hope the volunteers are working on the other books in the cycle.

We're slated for a major snowstorm today- up to 10". Here's what it looks like this morning. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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