Friday, May 29, 2009

The Field Report, and... wait for it... Knitting!

It is starting to warm up (we've had a couple of afternoons in the 80's, and we're past our last frost date finally), but outside of a brief rain squall last night, we haven't had any rain lately, so the corn that was planted last week, has only barely sprouted. But I bet the tiny baby corn plants be pretty visible by next week.

And here's Pheasant City Drive-In Theater, which opens for the season tonight, with Monsters and Aliens. No, I'm not going, but I believe several Grands will.

... and... We have company coming for the weekend, and grandkids visiting for the week following, so though I am going to try to do some marathon piece cutting today, I am putting the sewing machine away for the duration. Which means... Knitting! Again! Finally!

I finished the handspun waffle socks (Twisted Fiber Arts BFL/Kinky roving, Braider colorway, 2 ply) and love how they came out. They're soft and cushy, and yet they feel durable. The color in the scan is closest to *real*. And I cast on another mitered sock- this one Twisted Playful (heavy fingering weight) Firefly. I'm going to do a mitered cuff, and then pick up the heel and foot and knit them in the round.

But mostly, I'm going to clean. Believe me, my house needs it.
p.s. I took a short road trip yesterday and forgot to take the Zune along, and so was forced to listen to the radio. I don't think that Taylor Swift realizes that the whole Romeo/Juliet scenario ended badly.


Geek Knitter said...

I don't suppose I could persuade you to come clean my house too? Somebody snuck in there and just trashed the joint...

Teish said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about the Taylor Swift song. I like the song, but admit to some amount of confusion because I have actually read Romeo and Juliet. It ended quite badly... Of course, I like stories that end tragically. :-)