Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sock and Awe, More Lessons

Yesterday was registration day for the Sock Summit. I knew it was going to be a feeding frenzy. The amazing organizers knew it was going to be a feeding frenzy. The amazing organizers told the IT people that it was going to be a feeding frenzy. It was a feeding frenzy. Unfortunately, the IT people did not believe in the power of sock knitters, and registration turned into an exercize in stress and frustration and many bad words as the site continually crashed, stalled, and otherwise foiled knitters' attempts to sign up for classes (on my first attempt, my 15 minute window for class-holds was down to 18 seconds as I hit the enter button with my credit card number when the whole thing froze and I lost it all). But I persevered, and waited a bit, and muttered bad words (directed at the IT people, not the organizers, who did everything in their power to see that this would not happen), and tried again. And again. And again. And finally, got through.

I had modest expectations for my Summit classes. I knew that there were many more people who wanted to go, than could possibly fit. And I knew that classes taught by the most famous names were going to disappear instantly. So I prepared my wish list from classes that featured techniques that I did not already know, wanted to learn, or needed help with, paying no attention to the teacher's names. My flight was booked already, and I was going, whether I had classes or not, so the class roster wasn't a life or death thing for me anyway. And still, it was traumatic. Luckily, from my first choices, I got 5 of the classes I wanted (including the podcasting class, which was at the absolute top of my list), and one of the other classes was my 2nd choice. I am delighted.

So, Sock Summit Thursday, I'll be taking: Basic Crochet Socks in the morning, and Cabled Crochet Socks in the afternoon (both first choices). Friday Morning will be Podcasting for Amateurs (be afraid), Friday afternoon is the booksinging, where The Big Book of Socks will hopefully debut, Saturday morning it's Hip Hems for Him and Her (a 2nd choice but it looks like great fun), in the afternoon it's 2-1 hour classes: Darn It, and Grafted Bind Off for 1x1 Rib. On Sunday, I signed up for Turkish Stitches, a 1 hour class that is a total mystery to me, but it should be interesting. I also snagged tickets for the Sock Hop, the Opening Night Banquet and the Luminary Panel.

I am totally happy with this schedule, and beyond excited to attend.

I finished the Whatever Quilt and I love it. And I learned even more things:
#1. Premeditated snark is sometimes a wasted effort because invisible thread actually is
#2. To the extent that you can sew another 6" before realizing that the bobbin thread ran out
#3. Invisible thread is as fine as a spiderweb, and as strong as steel.
#4. I love invisible thread.

And I learned something from making the Christmas Theme table runner (fabric from Moda's Frosted Memories line) from the On A Roll book:
#1. Slow the hell down. Amazing how my corners meet when I'm not trying to run a race.
#2. See above.
p.s. I miss American Idol...


Stacy said...

Your quilting looks great!! And, yay for Sock Summit - they sound like good classes.

Barb said...

AI lives on! Check out this story.

Geek Knitter said...

I love the colors in the table runner!

I felt bad for everyone concerned about the Sock Summit registration. Best laid plans and all that, sometimes you plan for disaster and it happens anyway. It's easy for me to be sanguine though, since I wasn't planning on attending as my in-laws (all 11 of them) are going to be in town.

Bunny said...

More lovely Quilting! Did you see knittar yesterday battling a quilt?

Diane said...

I absolutely LOVE that table runner idea and the colors of the one you have laid out are beautiful!!!

Susan Smith said...

You are amazing! These projects look great. You must sew like the wind.

Fríða said...

all your quilting projects look lovely. check out my blog, there´s a photo of my mom´s latest achievement. and (and I´m saying this really carefully)just wondering, the mismatch of the red and green on the right hand side of the photo, is it intentional or accidental? looks like it could be either one.
best wishes from Iceland

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thank you everyone.

and Frida- that switch was so accidental that I didn't even see it until you pointed it out... oh well, it's pretty anyway (I am not going to tear it out and redo it- I'll just pretend that it's one of those intentional mistakes... ho ho)

Nancy D. said...

I think you are still in American Idol mode as you typed "Friday afternoon is the booksinging". I'm guessing you are going to autograph books rather than set them to music.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Nancy: out of consideration for everyone else, I won't be singing anything... (I'm going to leave the typo instead of editing it because it's a hoot)