Sunday, May 24, 2009


Since I'm machine quilting my own quilts (rather than sending them out to be done), I've scaled down the size of the finished projects. I'm not aiming for bedspreads- I'll be happy with accent quilts. Snuggle quilts. Decorative while still being functional, but not huge quilts. Which means that I don't need nearly as many of the 8 1/2" square blocks that I've been assembling out of fabric scraps (using whatever pattern that amuses me at the moment, or no pattern at all, or a patch pattern cut off kilter... you know... whatever). In fact, I only need 54 blocks, and guess what! I have 54 of them.

So I spread them out on the living room floor last night, and learned that with this many patterns and fabrics, there isn't any *right* way to arrange them, which makes this whole process easier. I decided to expand the project a bit with sashing (not only to increase the size, but to showcase the blocks a bit more). I'm using pieces cut from the backings of other quilts for the sashings. I'm assembling them chain-style, and will cut the rows apart horizontally when I get the vertical sashes in place. I may have to use another tan print for the horizontal sashes, but that's in keeping with the spirit of this quilt. Since the border will be pale, I think I need to make a highly colorful binding- from lots of pieces.

And I will begin assembling squares for Whatever II.

In my spare time... heh... I cut pieces for this table runner from the On A Roll book, using the Moda Frosted Memories scrap bags that I bought. It should be pretty (I had to trim the pieces to 2 1/2" width, and then cut them as though they were jelly roll strips), and I'll get a chance to find out if invisible thread actually is.
p.s. Now that school is out, little girls will be in and out, often without much warning, so the Ladybug Quilt has been put on hold until I can work on it without being surprised.

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