Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Sprung

It took awhile to get here, and our leaves are not fully popped yet (and it's going to hit 90 degrees today, so it's been and gone before we even had a chance to enjoy it), but Spring has finally sprung. There are hundreds of blossoms on our crab apple tree. It smells heavenly. And I found a surprise tulip, peeking out among the weeds in the overgrown iris patch (they're so crowded that they don't bloom any more. I need to do some landscape work stat).

I took a break from the Nest quilt, to work on the Pink Ladybug blocks. These ladybug prints are far less subtle than either the bee or froggy squares, but Pink Ladybug Girl is not a subtle chick, and she's young enough to love the excessive pinkness and bugness of it all. These are half of the blocks. The other half will have a different pink sashing on the outer border. I'll alternate them in the final arrangement.

But at the moment, I'm working on a deadline for the Crochet Project That Must Not Be Named Yet, so I won't be at the sewing machine for awhile.

And tonight, of course, is the American Idol final season performance. I'm not even hazarding a guess as to how it'll go. I just know it'll be interesting.

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Stacy said...

The quilt looks amazing!! I'm totally impressed.