Saturday, May 30, 2009

Diet and Exercise

Not much going on today- I have more cleaning to do, and company coming this afternoon, and grandkids staying for the week following (which gives me the perfect excuse to go and see UP, which I want to see anyway). I got another row done on the Firefly mitered square socks, but it looks like the earlier rows and isn't worth scanning.

So, what to talk about...hmmm.... okay, I haven't mentioned diet and exercise lately. I weigh about 8lbs more than last summer but am still wearing the same clothes, which tells me that most of that 8lbs is muscle (and the rest went to the proper places- I don't look quite as cadaverous as I did last August). And here's a mystery for you- my summer capris (which I bought last year and am wearing now) are all size 12, but my winter jeans are all size 8. The capris are all a little loose, a couple of the jeans are a little tight, but all of them fit mostly the same, and they're all comfortable. The jeans are all Lee Riders, the capris are different manufacturers. My guess is that Lee sizes down, and I'm really a size 12 (down from a 24) not a size 8 (which is a little bit of a blow, but I'll survive).

Regardless of jeans size, I don't obsessively measure or write down everything I eat and I seem to be maintaining pretty well. I allow myself a treat once in awhile if I'm at a Starbucks in the afternoon (their lemon pound cake is amazing), but mostly I stick to the 3 meals, 3 snacks (still prefer chocolate chips in the evening to any other dessert), no second helpings ever, moderate servings, potatoes OR bread-not both, and just being sensible. It's habit now, not something I have to think about or agonize over. The reason for the change (diabetic husband) is doing most excellently on the regime- his doctor was thrilled with his numbers and all is well.

The summer exercise routine is as follows: 6 days a week run/walk 1 1/2 miles, swim laps for a total of 300m (takes me about 20 minutes, and believe me, I'm winded afterward). It's less running/walking than in the winter, but the swim makes up for it. I'm not doing any weight work because I figure I'm getting enough upper body stuff with the swimming.

As the weather warms up, and with grandkids visiting, I'll be in the pool even more often. I love swimming, and I love splashing around with the kids.

I worry about weight creep- I will always worry about weight creep and denial, but it's going on 2 years since The Change, and I think I'm finding a balance between living normally and maintaining while not obsessing. I didn't mind being the size I used to be, but it took a lot of work to get to where I am now, and I'd like to stay here.

The real trick will be to keep up on vacation this summer- 2 weeks in some very good food places... but we'll figure it out.

I haven't posted any recipes for awhile, because we've settled into a meal routine as well- eating mostly recipes I've posted already. But I just discovered Carbquick ( ), a low-carb baking mix (like Bisquick), and have been trying some wonderful things. including strawberry shortcake, which I am making tonight, and will try to snap a pic so I can post a recipe tomorrow. We also like Dreamfield's low-carb pasta (which seems to work for my husband- no glucose spikes at all). I buy both from Netrition ( ).

Anyway, it's an adventure.


Gayle said...

This is wonderfully inspirational. Thank you for sharing it. I got right up and hopped on my elliptical trainer. My diet is excellent just need to get back into the exercise mode. You have helped me to re-evaluate.
San Diego

Marlyn said...

I've not seen either of those two products in my local market. Where did you find them?

Marlyn said...

Ooops. I guess I should have read the actual blog. (The links don't show up in bloglines.)


Kathleen Taylor said...

Gayle- Thanks!
Marlyn- no problem. I didn't know that links didn't show up that way. Interesting. Anyway, I am very happy with both of the products

maxine said...

When eating out at good food places (whether on vaca or not) I ask for my to-go box when my meal arrives and before tasting anything I put half of it away. sometimes that is lunch the next day and sometimes I end up tossing it if I think something was too rich. I have even been known to throw it into the freezer for a week or so and then have it or to pass it off to a homeless person on the drive home from the restaurant. Good luck on vacation!