Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Display at The Depot during June

Assorted projects from my knitting books will be on display at The Depot in Redfield, during June. This article appeared in this week's Redfield Press. You have to subscribe in order to read it online, so I scanned it to post here.

I suppose I should start thinking about what to take up there, and how to arrange it all... I'll take pics once it's all in place. The Depot is pretty cool all by itself, not the least because The Hub and The Son did all of the restoration work there.


Anonymous said...

how wonderful:)

flicka said...

Kathleen, I am impressed by the article! It is well written with no grammar errors or misspellings! It also seems to be a great encapsulation of your career.

It would be good to read something about the Depot. Is it a restored train station?

Cyncalla said...

Very cool! Stop me if I'm gushing, but I recently got my hands on both of your felting books and they are really fabulous. Easily they are the most logically arranged, fun and complete instructions I have ever on the subject.

Chery said...

Nice article. Can't wait to see pictures of your display.