Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Question of the Day

What is the purpose of yarn bombing?

I'm serious here- I honestly don't get it.


Susan said...

I don't get it either. I know the people who do it probably think it's fun and weird and artistic but I'd rather be working on a real project I guess, plus I find the scope overwhelming. Although I thought it was funny when they yarn-bombed the stock exchange bull.

Ellen Bloom said...

I'm from artsy, crazy Los Angeles. Everyone here LOVES yarn-bombing. Usually, the pieces get stolen, right off the phone poles within 24 hours. ALL that work for nuthin'!
Instead of yarn-bombing I'm advising people to fill potholes with their leftover yarn. There's no time invested in knitting or crocheting and it serves a real purpose!
Check out this chick: http://www.re-nest.com/re-nest/crafts-and-sewing/yarn-bombed-potholes-by-juliana-santacruz-herrera-141524

Kathleen Taylor said...

I'm with you, Susan. Ellen- I can see why it's fun to look at, but I have no desire to throw my knitting away. The whole thing leaves me baffled.

Nancy said...

At first I thought it was a form of youthful exuberance, but now I'm seeing a number of over-50 knitters jump on the bandwagon. When I asked why, I was told excitedly that "It's what everyone's doing in New York and California and now we're a part of it." Okay, but why do we want to be a part of it? I liked the tree in front of the local yarn shop before it got a "sweater", especially after a few months of rain, sun and wind have taken their toll on the knitting.