Monday, May 9, 2011

More Random

Or maybe not so much *random*, as non-existant. I've been working today on MG V.3.0 (woohoo!), so there isn't a lot to show except:
I finished the Good Health socks. They really are exactly the same size- the difference is an optical illusion.

And the creek is un-rising. See the dark ground on the penninsula? The water level has dropped that much in the last two days.

And the leaves are finally showing up. Woohoo!

I should finish a chapter today, and I should have more to write about tomorrow. I promise.

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Jan Morrison said...

It's late here in Nova Scotia and I just found your blog. I finished the first sock in a pair (I hope) knit from your pattern - self striping socks in Homespun Handknit - this is my second pair of socks. I write mysteries set here in Nova Scotia as well as plays and other stuff. My mysteries are looking for a home, my plays aren't (been produced). I have a mystery company with two best pals that we've run for over 25 years now. I'm fairly new to knitting and it is saving my soul right now...thanks. I'll be back and I posted your name and the name of the book on one of my blogs - Living the Complicated Simple Life.