Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Heading out in the morning

I'm leaving very early tomorrow morning, for the Fiber Fallout in Johnsonburg, New Jersey. I'm unclear as to whether there will be phone reception or internet access at the campground, so if I don't post anything between now and Monday evening, that's why. But if I can, I will.

I'm quite excited about this trip- it's my first time to New Jersey, and from the photos, I'm going to a wonderful location. I already know that I'll be surrounded by wonderful people, lovely scenery, and lots and lots of fibery fun. Hard to beat that.

In the meantime, here are some fun pics.
I'm making progress on the needlepoint- I love how this is coming out. I really love the dashes of blue. I can't take credit for the composition- that's all the photographer. This may be my favorite picture, ever.

 The leaves are turning.
We only get yellow foliage here, but man, it's a beautiful yellow.

Harvest is in full swing, even after dark. This is the soybean field in front of our house.
 The corn is drying down.

 It's not quite ready for combining yet.

See the dents? It's almost ready.

One brave little volunteer marigold is blooming under our deck.
 Most of the milkweed growing in the ditches was mowed down, but this one survived.
One whiff of breeze, and these seeds will be airborne.

I love fall, I love the colors, I love the frosty mornings, I love the change in seasons. But best of all...

 I love candy corn!

I'll check in as I can, and I'll catch all y'all on the flip.


Linda said...

Well, welcome to New Jersey, although Johnsonburg sounds far away from me here in Teaneck. I see you'll be in Warren County, quite beautiful.

maxine said...

Can you spin the milkweed fiber?