Friday, September 14, 2012

NCFF Day 1

Today was a pretty easy day- I got up when I woke up (early, but not middle-of the night), I had a leisurely breakfast, packed, and hit the road. I made it to Watertown early, got into my motel early, and I picked up lunch from McDonald's (late breakfast actually- sausage biscuit) because the Extension Center kitchen wouldn't be open at NCFF until later in the afternoon.

The hard working volunteers were already at it- handing out schedules, signing up students, accepting entries for the competition (this is the first year ever that I haven't had anything to enter- I made lots of stuff but most went to new homes already, and though my weaving and needlepoint looks fine from a distance, up close... nope, not competition worthy), and directing people to classrooms.
Even before the vendors were set up, before the classrooms were ready, before tables and chairs were arranged, the spinning circle got underway.
My Mitered Square class went very well indeed. Susan and Connie are repeat students (they both took the same class last year)(and by *the same*, I mean they both took a class at the same time, not the same class as this year). We all made some gorgeous mitered squares. I love having Genius Students. Check out Susan's shawl- purely gorgeous.
The spoilsports at the Coddington County Extension Center foil all of our fun... heh
The vendors were busy setting up when I left. I can't wait to explore tomorrow.

Like I said- an easy day: fairly short drive, good (read: nonexistent) traffic, renewing old friendships, lots of laughs, an excellent class that was only 4 hours long, and the promise of many fibery goodies tomorrow. So why am I so tired? Beats the hell outta me. But I'm going to go to bed and read for awhile.

Tomorrow: morning class, afternoon spinning, evening banquet. I'll take pics.

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