Sunday, September 30, 2012

Checking in from the Marriott

I'm settled in at the Marriott, with a 4am wakeup call and a drink in hand. It's been an absolutely wonderful weekend, but it was also absolutely exhausting. I'll be home tomorrow afternoon, and I'll catch you all up with pics and details over the next few days (though it'll be slow because I'll have company there when I get home, and we're leaving later in the week for a couple of days in The Black Hills), but in the meantime, here are a few pretty pics to hold you over.
It was absolutely beautiful there- woods, leaves changing, small lake, leafy paths, moss, quiet, deer.
The colors deepened as I watched.
I am too old to sleep on a foam slab parked on a plywood sheet. Otherwise, my bunkhouse room (with its own bathroom and shower) was great.
They put my name on the souvenir spindle. How cool is that?

We dyed yarn.
I met a baby yak. All together now: awwwwwww

And I was this close to New York. Amazing.

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