Saturday, September 15, 2012

NCFF Day 2- Fiber Sandwich

What is a Fiber Sandwich, you ask? Well, a Fiber Sandwich consists of wool and other fibers (not necessarily animal- any kind of spinnable fiber) which are sandwiched together, divided up, and then spun. Sounds like it might be dull, right? Nope, it's a hoot.

Everyone who wanted to participate (including me) donated 4ozs of any kind of spinning fiber. Volunteers fluffed and spread the fibers out, layer after layer. They're just starting here- trust me, there was a BUNCH of wool by the end.

After all of the fibers were spread and floofed and sandwiched, they were divided out evenly- each person who donated fiber got a bag of assorted fibers. The above was my bag of fiber- quite a jumble, eh?  All of the spinners then had this afternoon (and part of tomorrow morning if necessary) to spin those fibers any way they like, into any kind of yarn. I taught a morning class and had the afternoon free, so I decided to separate out the colors and spin a medium single, which I then Navajo plied for a 3-ply self-striping bulky yarn.
 It is no small trick to spin and ply 4 ozs of yarn in a single afternoon. Certain niceties had to be ignored- like getting out all of the lumps.
 However, I think my yarn turned out gorgeously. Each of the skeins will then be put out for a silent auction tomorrow, with the proceeds going to the general NCFF fund.
 I am really pleased with how my yarn came out- it'll make a nice stripey hat I think.
Tomorrow, I'll take pics of the other yarns. Prepare to be amazed.


Unknown said...

That looks like so much fun? Can't wait to see all the picks, your yarn's gorgeous.

Connie Peterson said...

Great idea!!! I hope next year to contribute.

Elizabeth D said...

I am already amazed! That is beautiful, and I want it!! Alas, I am hundreds and hundreds of miles away, and the auction is over.