Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Tab- Francie Coloring Book Pages

I used to love finding paper dolls in coloring books- it was like getting two toys in one. I don't know which book this set was in, but Francie here has a lot of Mid-60's clothes to color!


Nora said...

I used to love these coloring books as well. I recently found the 192 page Barbie and Skipper coloring book from 1964 on Ebay with only a few pages colored. I remember having it as a kid (showing my age :))and it has 16 pages of clothes with the dolls on the back PLUS 1 paper doll of the dog and two pages of clothes for him/her making 19 pages total. A real treat!!

The formal dress on the last page of the Francie set reminds me of the gown my sister would wear on formal occasions.

Jan said...

These great coloring pages make me want to go pull out the crayons. Thanks!