Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well,that didn't go how I expected it to go

Okay, so I had another class to teach at NCFF on Sunday- my Little Tips and Tricks class, which is always great fun, and usually full (or close to it). I was going to play in the morning, and then teach in the afternoon.

That was the plan.

Unfortunately, I woke up early Sunday morning with a killer headache- not a migraine but still not fun. I wouldn't have liked doing it, but I could have bluffed my way through the day with a headache (hoping it would fade), but within an hour, nausea also set in. And it didn't leave.

By 9:00am on Sunday, I knew that I wasn't going to be able to teach my class (not to mention the possibility that I might be contagious), so I did something I've never done in over 10 years of teaching knitting workshops and classes: I canceled.

I checked out of the motel, tendered my abject apologies, packed up, and drove the longest 75 miles of my life. I came home and didn't move for the next 15 hours. Though I didn't put them together, the fatigue, nausea and headache rang a bell with one of my friends, and she insisted that I go to the Dr for tests, which I did yesterday. We're waiting on results now, but in the midst of the exam, we learned that my previously excellent blood pressure is now not excellent at all. In fact, it was really quite high. So no matter what the other tests find (or don't find- don't worry, we're not expecting anything dire), I am now taking firm steps toward lowering the blood pressure, which is all to the good. I'm feeling much better today, and none of this should affect the fact that I'm flying out next Thursday for the Fiber Fallout in New Jersey.

At any rate, I do have a few other pics from NCFF, snapped on Saturday, and a couple to share from another friend, that were taken on Sunday.
 Ann took these pics of some of the Fiber Sandwich skeins. Mine is 2nd from the left. I love love the fact that fifteen spinners can all be given the same fiber and yet all fifteen will make completely different yarns.

Ann won the silent auction for my skein! Woohoo! If I couldn't be there to bid on it, I'm glad she was. I can't wait to see what she does with the yarn.

Between Friday and Saturday, I wheel plied the oatmeal colored yarn on the right- the single was spun with the spindle I bought at the Michigan Fiber Festival. I finished spinning and plying the hank in the middle (self striping), and nearly finished spinning the rest of the fiber (which I think is Blue Faced Leicester).

I have some other pics to post tomorrow (sheep shearing, some goats, and other fun things), but until then, here's one of my favorite signs in the whole world. It's a sort of NCFF landmark:

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Mary Keenan said...

Whoa Kathi, good thing you have that particular friend! I would never have put those three things together either. Glad you're doing better now :^)