Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We were in the process of moving back to the farm but we were still sleeping at the house in town. We had just gotten back from walking the dog, Terry was in the kitchen giving Jazz her treat, and I went into the living room and turned the TV on to GMA. I saw that regular coverage had been interrupted and I frowned at the smoke coming from the Twin Towers (which even I recognized). I called out to Terry, saying that I thought there must have been an explosion in New York. He came in to the living room and we still had no idea what had happened when a plane, a passenger jet, flew into the shot. We watched, horrified as it hit the other tower.

The first thing I did was e-mail my friend Dennis. He'd been flying back and forth between LA and Boston as some movie details were being worked out. Then I e-mailed my agent, whose offices were within view of the Towers. Both let me know they were okay, in shock, but okay. My son Matt told us that his college roommate was vacationing in New York City. He had no idea if Steve and Erika were safe.

We watched dumbfounded as the towers fell. We heard about the Pentagon and Fight 93. The airwaves were buzzing with other, unconfirmed hijackings and attacks, which thankfully were untrue. The true ones were hard enough to absorb.

I remember going to the grocery store and noticing that the parking lot, and the entire Main Street of our small town, was empty. 

I remember being too sad to cry.

I remember being frightened.

I remember.


twoknitwit said...

I was driving to work, emotions all over the place (shock and hysterics and fear) and wanting to turn around and go home, but I didn't

I cried for days, had nightmares for weeks and a nervous tic in my eye for months...and I remember it all like it was this morning

don't think the memories will ever dim...

Kate/Massachusetts said...
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Kate/Massachusetts said...

Thank you for remembering, Kathy. It is a very difficult day for many of us. Life goes on but it is not the same as before. I will never forget...