Thursday, March 6, 2014

AI Season 13- Top 12 Elimination, 03-06-14

All of the kids take selfies of themselves (in any number of groupings and variations) all singing Home. Then we open on the audience singing along as well. Ryan is wearing a charcoal pin-striped suit with a wine tie and a red and white print pocket square. He's also wearing brown shoes. With a gray suit. Odd.

JLo is in a wine colored satin shorts set. The top is oddly large and loose with dolman sleeves. Her hair is down, and smooth, and pretty tonight, and she has deep red lipstick. It's a large improvement over last night. Both Keith and HCJ are wearing black leather jackets.

We get a truncated recap of last night, and then clips of the kids interviewing in vans (Vanterviews?) on the way to supper, where they reaffirm their affection for each other and confusion about when it's okay to sing sharp and when it isn't. (Hint: never).

There's an extended segment with Randy trying to chide the judges for being harsh. HCJ shuts him down with an explanation of why they pay him the big bucks to be there. (Hint: to judge). Watching the faces of the other judges, it's obvious that they loathe Randy. Join the club, Judges. Join the club.

Ryan calls down:
Emily: in a mid-length black and white tropical print dress and a short denim vest. Her hair is curly.
Sam: Green shirt and no hat
Jessica: Pants with one solid black leg and one black and white striped leg, and a black sleeveless top
Ben: Brown shirt and a hat

Emily is in the bottom three, and the others are safe.

Commercial Note: Nope. Still not watching Surviving Jack.

Keith talks about his home, and tells a story about painting the name of his imaginary band on the side of his garage as a kid.

Phil Phillips, one of the major franchise successes, is in the house tonight. He's working on his sophomore album, and he looks mostly the same, with a bit more stubble and just a touch of recede in the hairline. His new song, Raging Fire, begins with a bit of orchestral string, but segues pretty quickly into a Phil Phillips song sung Phil Phillipsly. It's fine, and Keith is rocking it out in his chair. After Ryan's little interview, Phil looks woozy. Or ill. Or high. Whatever the reason, he looks poorly.

HCJ's home memories are all New Orleans and music.

Next down:
Jena: in shorts, a black tee shirt with a bedazzled eagle, and a chambray shirt
Dexter: all I noticed was the backwards hat
Alex: He's so incredibly uncomfortable that watching him is painful. I did notice that his shirt was black with a white collar.
Majesty: with a Betty Grable curly topknot, blue and gray striped pants and a lighter color top with horizontal stripes

Dexter is safe, and then Majesty. And then Jena gets the bad news.

So Randy plans to inflict an Irish band on us. They're called Codaline. Or maybe Kotalyne. Anyway, they appear to be Irish Phil Phillipses, singing in a slightly higher register. Ah, they're Kodaline. I actually don't mind these guys. I won't buy their album, but I like this song. What I don't like? The nostril cam. I have no desire to count the lead singer's nose hairs.

JLo's memories of New York involve her mom singing Chicago's Saturday in the Park.

Malaya: subdued in shorts, a camo shirt, and straight hair
CJ: in a black denim jacket
Caleb: in a black, possibly velvet, blazer and blue shirt
MK: in a sweatshirt that I think is tie-dyed at first but later I see that it's a winter tree scene, all pale blue and white. She is not wearing a backwards hat, and her hair is styled a la Tin Tin.

To no one's surprise, MK is in the bottom three.

It's late, so Ryan wastes no time telling Jena that she's safe. MK and Emily stand together, and MK is absolutely certain that she's going home. So she is shocked when Emily's name is called.

The judges don't even pretend to confer while Emily sings whatever it is that she sings pageantly. JLo spills the beans by saying that the decision wasn't unanimous, and since a unanimous decision is needed to implement the save, it's good-bye Emily. Interesting that two of the Judge's Wild Card  picks were the first two eliminations. If that holds true, CJ will hit the road next week.

Next week, it's songs from the Cinema. Lord help us.

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