Monday, March 10, 2014

Leftie Begun

Behold Leftie #3- I'm using handspun cotton (the stuff I've been spinning with the tahkli, and yarn I had already spun on the wheel). I'm going to cycle through the various shades for the spacer sections. I doubt I have enough green spun up to do all of the *mini-feathers*, so I'll decide whether to use other colors or spin more when I get that far.

I'm enjoying knitting with this yarn, and so far, the shawl looks good.

I took more pics of Leftie #2 as well:

It looks pretty outside too. Soon it'll be sailing the Caribbean. Speaking of which, here's the Exclusive Wristlet design I'll be teaching on the ship:

The pattern will also have a fingerless mitten variation. Today, I'm working on another cruise class sample: a beaded lace wristlet. I'll post pics when I get it done, which has to be fairly soon because we sail in 20 days!!!!!

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