Thursday, March 27, 2014

AI Season 13, Top 9 Elimination, 03-27-14

So, we pick up immediately after last night's taping ended, with the vanterviews and suppertime conversation. And Ryan's shoe. Did I mention that HCJ stole Ryan's shoe last night? I did mention that they had two hours to fill, right?  My guess is that this bit of shenaniganery was engineered specifically to eat up time. To make up for it, tonight's show is only a half hour. That's a decision I can get behind.

JLo is wearing a tight, red, strapless Barbie dress. Her front hair is messily clipped back low on her head.

Ryan says that rather than calling kids down in groups, they're all going to sit on The Stools, and the Big Screen will flash who is safe. This might be faster than the usual reveal. Maybe.

First Save is Jena, with curly hair, a denim jacket, shorty-short-shorts and a shirt tied around her waist.

Second Save is a surprised and thrilled Malaya, in a sleeveless navy dress with white polka dots.

Third Save is... nope, we won't find out until after Janelle Monae sings.

Janelle is singing What is Love? from the Rio II soundtrack album. Well, it's lively and the stage is crowded with musicians and dancers who venture up into the audience too. It's colorful, with feathers and spangles and stripes and drums and dancing and scarf waving. It's loud and frenetic. Ms. Monae is wearing tight white pants with a black stripe down the outsides of the legs, a white jacket and cropped top. Her hair mushrooms up off her forehead like a hair tumor. The song is shrill and shouty, but at least it ends in a confetti shower.

Ryan points out Christopher Meloni and Rachael Harris in the audience. They're the ones bringing us the abomination known as Surviving Jack (okay, potential abomination- but the commercials repeatedly hammer home what a jerk the father is, and I have no intention of finding out if it's really as bad as I think it's going to be).

Back to the task at hand, and quickly because the clock is ticking.

Third to safety is Alex, wearing a blue jacket with a little white all-over design, and a goofy hat perched on his curled hair.

Number Four is Jessica, in jeans, a black shirt and a white jacket.

The Fifth Face belongs to Caleb, who is dressed exactly like Caleb always dresses.

Sixth, and last, save is Dexter, in a short-sleeved black tee shirt.

So, the Bottom Three are Sam, Majesty, and CJ. If you remember from last night, two of them were in my Top Three... sigh...

Sam is wearing a pastel tie-dyed tee shirt, and his cheeks are even pinker than usual. CJ is glum in a black jacket. Majesty is in a cute pink flowered skirt and a white knit top.

And suddenly Majesty is named as getting the least number of votes. She's going to sing for the save. I like Majesty's personality, and she is purely adorable, but she always skews much younger than she really is, which I think is a drawback. She's 22 but looks and dresses 15, and I think that confused voters. She's very talented, but I think she needs a few years of seasoning, which will begin off the show because the Judges *narrowly* were not unanimous (translation: Keith and JLo wanted to save her, HCJ didn't).

Majesty channels Malaya to mask her leaking eyes. I wish her well, and I think the tour will help with her stage-presence issues.

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