Sunday, March 2, 2014

More Destashing

I decided to try something different with some of my destash eBay auctions. I have tons of partial skeins of very good sock yarns, left over either from my own knitting, or from book projects. I will never use it all, so I put together Grab Bag Sock Sets- at least 100gr  of very good sock yarns in assorted colorways. Many of these yarns and colorways are now discontinued. Some of the yarns may have different fiber contents, but each set is compatible in fiber, texture and size. Where I have labels, I'll include them, but I know that all of the yarns have some wool content (unless specifically noted otherwise). Some are superwash and some are not, but even with superwash yarns, I recommend hand washing and drying flat anything you knit with these yarns because superwash does not mean Will Never Shrink.

Some of my favorite socks were knit with leftover yarns, like this, and this. It has been fun putting these sets together, and they seem to be selling briskly (all are either bids beginning at $12, or Buy it Now for $17, free shipping to US addresses, PayPal only). I'll keep adding auctions as I get sets put together, but as of this morning, these sets are still available (a couple have bids).

As I mention in each auction, this is enough yarn to knit nearly any sock pattern in nearly any adult size. It's enough yarn for a hat, or a pair of gloves, or a simple scarf, if you're not a sock knitter. If you are a sock knitter, you can make contrast cuff/heel/toe and any kind of stripes that delight you. In order to make sure you have enough of each color to make a matching set, divide each ball into two equal balls and set one of each aside. Knit the first sock any way you like, using one set of balls, and that way you'll know that you have enough yarn to knit the mate.

No matter what you make, you'll have something unique. Here's one auction, and from there you can see the rest.

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