Sunday, March 16, 2014

Handspun Yarn Auction

I'm re-grouping and re-listing some of my yarn Grab Bags (translation: more yarn for the money, fewer packages to ship), so... shameless begging to follow... please check out my auctions again. I'll be listing things for a couple more days, but I want all of the auctions to be done well before I leave for the cruise, so everything that is sold can be shipped and can arrive at its new home in plenty of time to deal with any issues (there haven't been any issues yet, but I want to give everything time). Some of the regroupings are previously unsold yarns, others are auctions with yarn that has not been previously listed.

I am also trying an experiment- I have listed 31 ozs of handspun, hand-dyed self-striping, 2-ply bulky Romney wool yarn. I'm selling it, but it's not a *sale* item, and this yarn won't be discounted if it doesn't sell. I'll just keep it.

The yarn itself is slightly darker than it shows in these photos, but these will give you a good notion of what I'm offering.

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