Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cruise Exclusive Beaded Lace Wristlet

This is the beaded lace wristlet pattern we'll be using in class on the Malabrigo Friends & Fiberworks Cruise... for which I am leaving in THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

I am really quite excited about this adventure, as if you couldn't tell. Shipboard internet minutes are very expensive so I won't be updating the blog while I'm gone, but I will post pics on Facebook here and there, as I can, from my phone. If you're not one of my Facebook Friends, shoot me a request (Kathleen Prater Taylor) and I'll okay it before we set sail.

Otherwise, I promise to bore you all with hundreds of wonderful pictures from Nassau, Charlotte Amalie, and Philipsburg, not to mention shots of one of the world's largest cruise ships, when I get back!

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