Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More Destash

A few years back, I spent some time playing with The Hub's drill press and a rosette cutter. I cut a bunch of spindle whorls from some pretty woods, intending to sand and finish and assemble them to sell. That never happened. So in The Great Destashing of 2014, I decided to list them for sale as is (the link is to one auction, and you can find the rest from there). Each whorl is available separately, you sand, finish and assemble as a high or a low whorl, as you wish. Here are the woods and styles available:

 Aspen (plain, good for painting)
 Butternut (a very light wood, good for a lace spindle)
 Laminated Cherry

The Grab Bag Sock Sets are selling like hotcakes. Here are a couple of the new listings (you can click to the rest from there).  Each has at least 100gr of good sock yarn, unused partial skeins, put together in assorted colorways.

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