Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DK and Worsted Weight Destashing

Yeah, I know, it's boring... but this is American Idol season, and I'm about worded out from that no matter what. I've broken into the DK and Worsted weight yarns in the Great 2014 Destash. I listed a bunch today on eBay- Noro, Shi Bui, Classic Elite and others, wool, wool blend, alpaca, mohair blend. All pretty stuff, the usual stuff applies (free shipping in the US).

None of these are Grab Bag Sets (which are great fun to put together, and sell like hotcakes)- all are full skeins or balls, all new yarns. When I get to the heavier Grab Bag stuff, they'll each be at least 150 gr (enough to knit a pair of heavier socks). But first, I want to work through a bunch of full skeins (I still have at least a box of bulky yarns).

So, please look these over if you're of a mind to. Here's one listing, and you can get to the rest from there.

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