Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday Tab- Watkins and Strathmore Cute Quintuplets, #1818-E, 1967

Even as a child, I preferred glamour girl paper dolls to the babies and little girls, but every once in awhile, I had a hankering for a baby or toddler set with cute outfits. This one delivers in spades. Watkins and Strathmore's Cute Quintuplets has 5 (well, naturally) baby dolls and lots and lots of clothes. The copyright date is 1967 (if I'm deciphering the Roman numerals correctly).
Click on images to enlarge. Right click to save as jpgs. Print from any graphics program, dolls on card stock, clothes on plain paper.

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Isabel said...

Hello Kathleen, I’m delightful to visit your blog and pin images to my Pinterest account with the sole purpose to visit again and again. I have no other purpose. Today I could not pin your images because I’m being blocked. I would appreciate if you could advise what did I do wrong, Thank you for your time, Isabel