Friday, February 22, 2008

Revision- Freebie Friday Stranded Picot Hem Snowflake Hat

Alert Knitter Debbie let me know that the chart for the Stranded Picot Hem Snowflake Hat (a Freebie Friday pattern) did not match the sample hat in the picture. She very correctly pointed out that the hat in the picture had *9* spikes from the center line and the chart only showed 6. She also noticed that the 50 rows on the chart would not correspond to the 8rnds=1" gauge listed in the pattern.

So I have revised the chart to match the hat picture as well as I could (I couldn't use the actual hat because I gave it away at Christmas), and now the chart has 64 rows, which should eliminate the gauge problems. The major difference is that the decreases are now every 3rd rnd, rather than every other- I decided that would be the easiest way to add 14 rnds to the design without disrupting it too much.

A great many of you have knitted this hat already, and I think many used heavier yarns (I used handspun), so length wasn't a huge problem for most of you anyway. But I humbly apologize to everyone for the error, and especially to anyone who tried to knit it and wondered why it wouldn't come out right.

I am going to post the revised chart at the original post as well, and note the revision on the pattern page (and at Ravelry).

Again, I'm so sorry for the error.

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