Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Tab- Ulla Pihl Dolls from Danish OTA Boxes- Part 1

A Blog and Paper Doll Friend from Denmark generously offerred to share some beautifully drawn paper dolls that were featured on the backs of OTA boxes (an oatmeal cereal), most printed in the 50's. I'll be featuring these dolls over the next few weeks on Thursday Tab.

These adorable girls were drawn by Ulla Pihl.

p.s. I tried to find some information on OTA but couldn't. I don't know if it was a cold cereal, or a hot one, like oatmeal.In some of the scans, you can see the thick cardboard that the dolls were printed on.

p.s.s. Blog Friend Jona sent a link to the maker of OTA, which turns out to be the same company that makes oatmeal in the US. I have a box in my cupboard right now. Thanks so much, Jona!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kathleen!
Greetings from Jona in Iceland. I love your blog.I am a devoted knitter myself.
This is the firm that still makes Ota oats.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thank you so much Jona!

Linda said...

fascinating! I've never seen these before.

Unknown said...

Thank you Kathleen! I enjoy your paper doll posts. They're a lovely reminder of childhood.