Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AI- Hollywood Week Night 2

So tonight is group night, which always promises drama. Right off the bat, we get a full dose of Tatiana, aka Insane Giggle Girl, and it takes less than 2 minutes of air time to know that she’s exactly the person I thought she would be.

A bit more camera time with Katrina (Bikini Girl) shows us the same thing. How she ended up with barefoot Rose, Lauren and Jasmine is beyond me, but I’m coming to love Rose.

I have a feeling that Nathaniel lives for Drama with a Capital D, and he gets a heaping helping when he, Nancy, and Kristina are suddenly joined by Tatiana, who is welcomed with varying degrees of pleasure (Kristina: Yes!, Nancy: No!, Nathaniel: Drama!). Tatiana, after being drummed out of her original group, stays with Nathaniel, Nancy and Kristina just long enough to upset the fragile power balance, and then giggles herself back to Muna and the others. Thus begins (or more likely, continues) an episode-long saga of Tears! Angst! Stress! Conflict!, and our old friend. DRAMA!

A half hour into the show, the kids finally hit the stage, with Simon’s dire warning about the consequences of forgetting the lyrics (which I suspect will be waived if one of his favorites proves to have a faulty memory) ringing in their ears.

Limping India, Justin, Kris (who might be new to us), and Matt open the night, and are excellent, even with the rap interlude. It’s early in the day, so Simon isn’t as cranky as he’s going to be. He actually applauds, something we won’t see later on.

Maryn, Austin, JB, Shelby and Julissa all sang, but I forgot to note whether they made it through or not. Unfortunately, Nick (the Jackass) survived the cut. There is no voice good enough to make up for how annoying he is.

Alex, Ryan, Anne Marie, and this year’s pink-haired Rocker Girl, Emily are next. Emily didn’t so much forget the lyrics as scramble them completely, and she is outta here. Ryan is out as well, and he takes it maturely, declaring himself offended and manipulated, and disappointed in Paula’s inherent evil.

Danny Gokey (who is fast becoming my favorite), Jamar, Taylor, and a girl whose name escaped me, totally rocked Somebody to Love. Simon tortures them before letting the whole group through.

Jeremy Michael Oil Rig Worker, Adam Lambert, Matt Brietzke and Jesse Lanseth also bring the house down.

The Lauren/Rose/Jasmine/Katrina drama hit Threat Level Midnight, with Katrina leaving to sob in her room, while the others stew and fume all night. They do not, for some reason, continue rehearsing without her. They are fully prepared to go on stage as a Trio when Katrina vamps her way into the room. Their hatred for Katrina is palpable (as is her absolute reliance on the ability of her legs to smooth over all of life’s little roadblocks) as they hit the stage together, where Katrina proved that all of her singing ability is in her legs, and Rose forgot the lyrics, which is too bad because she really grew on me during this episode. I wish her well. And cleaner feet.

Not that I want to say I Told You So, but I told you that David Osmond wouldn’t last long.

Now it’s time for Tatiana and Muna and the rest of The Divas to sing. I think they sound purely awful, but they all make it to the next level. Afterwards, Tatiana unravels as Muna looks at her with undisguised wonder.

Last, but surely not least, it’s Nathaniel, Nancy and Kristina’s turn (calling themselves The Compromises). As much as Nathaniel and his headband bug me, he sounds fine, and he’s fairly entertaining. Nancy sounds awful, and her true ugliness is front and center as she is cut. She literally turns her back on their offers of friendship, and like so many of the rejectees, places blame for her failure everywhere but where it belongs.

To the strains of Jose Feliciano’s version of California Dreamin’ (which I love love love), we learn that 75 contestants remain, to be whittled next week to 36. A quick glimpse shows us that awful Von is still with us. Nowhere have I seen Kai (my audition fave), so I suspect he’s long gone.

Previews promise more tears next week. Tears! Angst! Drama! And maybe, if we’re lucky, even a little Singing!


Sam said...

I think I saw Kai celebrating at the end. I hope so. It looked like his hair.

Christmas Fancy Dress said...

I forgot to note whether they made it through or not.