Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AI- Hollywood Week Part 1

We open with the Music of Drama, and an announcement that 147 kids made it to Hollywood, which is fewer than other years, I think. We’re at the Kodak theater, which was previously reserved for the finale (did I ever tell you that I nearly won a trip to the Season 6 Finale, courtesy of the Idaho State Lottery?). Also new to Hollywood this year- boot camp and stylists, and a celebrity coach who claims to be Barry Manilow, but I’m not so sure.

What hasn’t changed is that the kids are divided into two groups- one hitting the stage and possible sudden-death elimination, the other sightseeing. Throughout the show, the faces flash by pretty quickly- I recognize many, but cannot name most of them. I’ll have to rely on the chyron and my notes, the latter of which is an iffy proposition.

On stage, Lil Rounds has not listened to me, even though I say it every year: stay away from the Whitney. Luckily for her, she makes it through anyway.

I remember that Dennis Brigham was annoying, and that has not changed, except that he is even more annoying now. And whiny. They should not have let him through in the first place, but that mistake has now been remedied.

Oh Nathaniel Marshall- a headband? Really? He makes it through, but he’ll never survive.

Anoop Desai is still extremely good, as is Jasmine Murray.

Rose Fleck still has goofy hair. Are her feet still bare? Yep. And they’re still dirty. However, she sounds better than her original audition, and I like her more than the first time around.

Stephen Fowler is great! Have we seen him before?

Jorge Nunez is also good, though his yellow scarf is not.

Von is too much on top of too much, with a dollop of twee and a scoop of desperation. I really, and I mean really, dislike him, which means that we’re stuck with him for the duration.

The judges put him through in the first place, so AI deserves Nick Mitchell, aka Norman Gentle, aka Jackass. But I don’t. And yet, I’m being punished. Go figure.

We didn’t get to hear the Blind Fellow (they didn’t flash his name and I don’t remember it, and am too lazy to look it up), or Frankie Amywinehouselookalike (though we did hear a stern critique of her song, which is puzzling. Why show the critique but not the song? What are we to think?), but they’re through.

We cut to Day 2. They’re sure flashing a lot of Fords. Do you suppose they’re a sponsor????

Jackie Tohn is very Janis, in a good way (as opposed to the Janis Wannabes that come out of the woodwork every year). She also manages to pull off a leather mini and a net tiger top, which is a major accomplishment.

Danny (Dead Wife) Gokey sounds excellent on Kiss from a Rose, but his friend Jamar Rogers oversings California Dreamin’.

Bikini Girl Katrina is still skeevy and hard, and Ryan would still rather set his feet on fire than be kissed by her. Simon and Randy are being jerks and right at this moment, I dislike them both a lot.

One of my audition favorites, Jessica Furney, is going home. Also Sharon and her fuzzy little dog, and Patricia Roman, the last auditioner from San Juan.

Roughneck, Jeremy Michael Sarver (who just went by Michael before), is still very good. I wonder if popped collars are the new look among the oil drillers.

As I predicted, it was easier to cut Jesus without his cute kids watching.

Interesting marketing strategy, Hulu. Using your service will rot our brains, huh?

David Osmond still sounds good, but I still expect him not to make it very far.

Have we seen Erika Wesley? I have no memory of her.

I do remember this year’s pink-haired rocker, Emily Wynn-Hughes. I don’t know how she got by, what with performing an unrehearsed song that totally sounded unrehearsed.

Though it seemed a lot more dramatic, 104 (out of the original 147) kids survived the first day. I didn’t spot my early favorite Kai, so I have no idea if he made the cut or not.

Tomorrow night groups, and even more drama which is good, because I love drama.

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