Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sock and Sandals

I spun up a bobbin of the Twisted BFL Braider roving while watching Season 4 Lost Extras yesterday, but it looks just like the last bobbin of Twisted BFL Braider singles, so I didn't bother taking a picture. It's pretty though. And I only have one more bobbin to spin and I'll be done with that roving (with enough 2-ply yarn for a pair of socks or gloves).

And I finished a sock- another Aunt Helen Variation Variation, in Sockotta cotton/wool. This is such a fun texture, and it shows off those short-length variegated yarns so well.

I also spotted some peel-n-stick foam sheets at the store, and had a lightbulb moment. How about if I stick several layers of the foam together for a shoe sole? And then another layer on top over some sort of strappy upper for a doll size sandal? And how about if I used ponytail holders as the strappy uppers? Voila! Adorable doll size sandals! I'm not very good at trimming multiple layers of sticky foam evenly, but a brisk application of the sanding block helped. The sticky sides are holding together well, the 3 ponytail bands work perfectly as a stretchy upper (I used some fancy ones for the center), and the sandals not only fit, they stay on just fine. I am pretty pleased with myself.

I am also pleased that we didn't get more snow on top of the snow we already have. I really do need to dig my car out- we're nearly out of bread and eggs.

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mrae said...

Cute, cute sandals!!!!