Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More mini-finery

OMG you guyz! Look at those cowboy boots! They have little fringes, and working zippers and inserts! Are they the cutest things, or what? And how about those leather sandals? I can sew and knit doll clothes to beat the band, but handmade shoes (at least my handmade shoes) look so very handmade as to please only the most enthusiastic of small girls. So I found an auction on eBay with these boots and sandals (and 3 other pairs of good shoes: black flats, white Mary Janes, Pink Mary Janes) for an extremely reasonable price. I am delighted with them all (that's my guide, btw- if I love them, then I automatically assume small girls will. Hasn't been proven wrong yet).

I finished the 4th knitted hat, which means that if I get the pattern written up, there will actually be a Freebie Friday this week!

My friend Melanie (Hands to Soul- link to the right of the page) has been talking about mini quilts lately, so I suppose the subject was in my mind when I stumbled across a display of new quilting fabrics at my Alco store. Alco has always had a slapdash fabric department, but it was nothing to write home about. This new display is pretty amazing- generous pieces (18" x 21") of a gazillion different very cool prints (brights, subtles, retro) for a good price ($1.79), plus bundles of coordinating fabrics in the same size, 4 pieces for $4.99. A couple of the bundles somehow ended up in my cart. And then later, they were transformed into 18" x 17" patchwork doll quilts with matching pillows.

Don't look too closely at my corners- they don't often match up. And these are quickie quilts- strip patchwork, with wide stripe backing (no batting, I figured that would make the quilt too bulky). They're big enough for the 18" dolls to nap comfortably under, and for little girls to enjoy. I have one more to make, in pinks (the quilts match their bedroom colors) and then these will be distributed this weekend (it's not birthday yet). I can hear the squeals already.

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