Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Da Hoodie

Yeah, I'm obsessed.


Karen said...

Oh, that you'd been around when Rachel was going through her mega-expensive American Girl doll phase! She still has three of them, all lined up atop the armoire in her room, and I do wish I'd thought to make stuff for them, rather than buying the outrageously overpriced commercial versions. Ah, well. I really hope your grandkids appreciate what a treasure they have!

Brandy said...

Perhaps you should consider teaching a class on "mini-knits" for NCFF this year!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Karen, the little girls squeal loud enough to be heard three counties away, every time they get new goodies. It's a matter of my obsession being perfectly timed with theirs.

Brandy- that's a very interesting notion. Knitting for dolls- I'll bet there would be real interest in that. Thanks for the suggestion.