Monday, February 23, 2009

Checking In

I'm numb to the eyeballs and drooling (my first filling in about 7 years- the procedure is no worse than I remember, but it's certainly no better. And I have 2 more to go... sigh). So, mostly I'm going to go have a lie down, but before I do, I thought I'd show you all the finished Twisted Leftover Yarn Mitered Square Socks.

I think these may be the most beautiful socks I've ever knit. I left the pic big so you can really see the colors and shading. Aren't they glorious? Someone is going to have some very happy feet come next Christmas (I know who, but I'm not giving any hints). No matter how many times I make this pattern (it's a Freebie here- search for it. Only change: I worked 30 sts on the sole and heel), I am always delighted and just a little bit surprised when those squares do turn into real socks.

On the Podcast Front: If you have not read Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone, go do it (or listen to it via Librivox). It's a wonderful book- smart and funny and a good mystery to boot (especially given that Collins invented many of our standard mystery elements in this very book). My only complaint on the recording is that they keep switching readers on me. They're all very good, but it's hard to get used to all those different voices for the same characters.

Today's Household Tip: If you want to try to re-activate a dried-out glue stick by warming it in the microwave, take the lid off first.

Today's Other Household Tip: Don't try to re-activate a dried-out glue stick. Just go buy a new one for heaven's sake. They're cheap.


Geek Knitter said...

I hope you stop drooling soon... :)

Maureen said...

I know nothing about blogging, darn. I loved the socks you knitted. I am going to bed and put my head under my pillow. How on earth do you accomplish all you have listed? And I realized you didn't put down; vacuuming, dusting, washing clothes, cooking, shopping, etc. etc. Maybe I'll put two pillows over my head. I have to find a book to help me organize my time so I can begin to learn some new 'things'.

Your blog name caught my attention. My mother and her paternal family were from SD. I'm not sure if 'Dakota' means you are dreaming there or you are elsewhere dreaming about SD? My mom was from Britton/Aberdeen and other small towns. She taught country school in the early 40s and kept in touch with some of her students until she died in 1998. I have visited SD, the remnants of the farmstead my mother's maternal grandparents owned. My mom was a Hartl and I know nothing about them. I think they were from ND, but all originated in Bohemia aka Czechoslovakia. I am really impressed by all your talents and skills. I wanted to start felting (but not have to knit the stuff first--I taugh myself to knit when a child) and have been really tempted to buy some 100% wool sweaters at Goodwill or other thrift store and felt that. Unfortunately I have over 30 items designed and cut out to sew together for Christmas---I think I missed it;'0 I hope it is ok to send pics of the socks to my sisters?

Anonymous said...

2 more fillings to go? bummer. hope they are done soon.

gorgeous socks.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Geek Knitter- drooling mostly stopped now... heh, Carpool Knitter- yeah, it's a bummer. But I have a month to recover before the next one.

Maureen- I'm in South Dakota, not too far south of Aberdeen, in fact.

Nanette said...

Beautiful socks Kathleen! Hope you feel better soon!

DragonsChest said...

Those socks are Gorgeous! I can't find a search box on your blog - how do I find that pattern? **drool**

joannamauselina said...

They are indeed incredibly beautiful - both the colors and the design.