Friday, February 20, 2009

Hands To Soul Mini Quilt

My good friend Melanie, of Hands to Soul ( ), sent me a lovely little mini-quilt kit that her gallery shop is selling in conjunction with a quilt show they're sponsoring. I haven't done any real quilting in a very long time, but I've been sewing a lot lately (no kidding), so it's not such a leap to pick up the needle and thread to hand-sew this quilt.

Melanie says, "So many of us these days are finding pleasure in the simple things in life, especially in the beauty and wonder of art. Hands to Soul was lovingly founded so that everyone- even those who believe they have no artistic ability- can experience the joy of self expression using the arts. "

I love the colors in this quilt- the calming blues, the lovely "stained glass" effect, the golden star and shiny ribbon, and the assorted buttons and decorations. The instructions are clearly written and easy to understand, and while they're geared for beginners, those who have quilted before (I have, but it's been awhile) will enjoy the project just as much. You don't even need to sew, if you don't want to- the whole piece can be put together with fabric glue. I have an urge to hand sew this little wall hanging. I'll post my progress.

You can contact Melanie directly ( ), if you want to order a mini-quilt kit- the price is $15 (which includes postage in the US, out of the US contact her for shipping particulars). She'll send you a PayPal invoice.

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Mona said...

Beautiful little quilt!!!!
If ever their is extra minutes, hours, time in my life, I would like to learn to quilt some day!