Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tonas Smothers

Three of the young girls in my life are enamored with a certain, totally unworthy, brotherly rock group, whose appeal escapes me, individually, collectively, and musically. But they love those boys with the zeal only pre-teen girls can muster, and I aim to please. Herewith, doll sized t-shirts emblazoned with their faves (the new printable iron-on transfer sheets are slick- the images transfer quickly and well, and it's amazing the number of small images and text boxes you can fit on a single page, though I forgot to trim the first image closely around the edges, and have a large shiny area on the t-shirt. oh well). I, personally, had more fun putting names on the other t-shirts, and sewing the little panties. Instead of looking for knit fabric on the bolt, I bought 3 XXL cheapo t-shirts, and cut them up, making use of factory hems for the sleeves and shirt bottoms, and re-using the neckline ribbing. I will make tights for each doll (plenty of fabric left over). I am also going to cut down an old sweatshirt and turn that into zip-front hoodies for the dolls. Maybe today.

On our Grandparent Extravaganza Road Trip, I finished one sock (yarn: Lion Brand Sock- I love these colors), and last night, got past the heel on the mate. This is just my easy-texture pattern (5 rnds K, 1 rnd *YO, K 2 tog*. I probably won't finish that sock tonight, what with American Idol and taking obsessive notes and all.

I finished listening to the Emma podcasts (I listen while I exercize on the treadmill in the mornings), and have started Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone. I've only read this book once, so it's almost a *new* story for me. It's amazing the number of standard mystery elements that Collins invented, and how wonderfully complex and amusing this story is. I love the character of Gabriel Betteridge. This recording comes from Librivox (link on the right side of the page), and the reader is an English fellow with a most melodious voice. I envision some enjoyable calorie burning in the next few weeks.


Mary Keenan said...

Ohhhh, I have The Moonstone on tape. It's such a fantastic story to listen to!

joannamauselina said...

The Moonstone is one of my most favorite books too. That Miss Clack!